Steering Committee and Trustee: Chris Burns-Cox, MD, FRCP

IMG_0088 Chris Burns-Cox, a consultant physician, became an altruistic kidney donor in 2010, aged 72. He had read Andrew Carnegie’s essay on wealth, which ends, “A man who dies thus rich dies disgraced”. Being rich in kidneys, he decided to give one away. He is now keen to spread the good news that altruistic living kidney donation is for everyone to consider, and he hopes that, when more people are given the knowledge, each year a thousand or more will give a kidney.

Chris served as Chairman of Give a kidney from 2011 through to March 2016 and continues in his role as Trustee and member of the Steering Committee.

Give a Kidney – One’s Enough is a registered charity in England and Wales (1143576) and in Scotland (SC045767).

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