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James and Schmauzer

James Holdstock donated a kidney early in 2013 as part of a Paired Donation Scheme. Here is his story: Schmauzer and I were introduced in March - I was in Guy's Hospital, having just donated my left kidney and Schmauzer was a gift from my wife and mother-in-law. I am part of a 'Paired Donation Scheme'. ...

James and Boh monitor their fitness during the transplant process

James and Boh are monitoring their fitness and publishing reports on their blog:

Tony Burgess

Tony Burgess talks about his decision to donate a kidney to a stranger as a Christmas gift 2012.

Helen Marston

Helen's husband was initially horrified when he heard about her plans to donate a kidney.

Di Franks

After donating a kidney, Di set up a website:

John Fletcher

"The whole thing has been life-enriching beyond anything that I could ever describe. Of all the things I have done in my life, this one has been the happiest. I cannot recommend it strongly enough."

Sanjiv Gohil

Sanjiv donated a kidney at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

Kenneth Dooley

"It's just getting the word out, and getting more people to know about it..."

Viv Calderbank

Viv is a graphic designer who lives in Cornwall. She donated a kidney in 2011.  

Richard Pitman

Professional jockey, racing commentator and altruistic kidney donor.

Simon Swailes

"No regrets at all. No second thoughts. This is something that ought to be done by more people."

Joanna Kozubska

Joanna donated a kidney in 2012. "If I had three kidneys, I'd do it again," she says.

Mary Dixon

Mary Dixon first started thinking about donating a kidney 21 years ago, when she was training to be a nurse.

Julie Saunders

Julie received a card from her recipient, which she looks at nearly every day.

Liza Schuster

"I can't say I enjoyed the process, but I'm really glad I did it."

Penny Cox

Penny initially thought about donating eggs, but eventually decided to donate a kidney.

Clare Bolitho

Clare wanted to help her recipient to "restart" her life.

Matilda Hall

"It was enormous fun."

Natalia Aggiano

Natalia carries a picture of the kidney that she donated on her phone, and it's also on her Facebook page.

Barbara Ryder

Barbara Ryder donated a kidney in 2007. She was the UK's second altruistic donor.

Nicholas Crace

Nicholas, who is 83, donated a kidney in 2012. He is the UK's oldest altruistic donor.

David Hemmings

David is a retired civil servant and magistrate who lives in Devon.

Kay Mason

Kay was the UK's first altruistic kidney donor.  

Maggie Harris

Maggie donated a kidney in 2007.

Philippa James

Philippa and her daughter have both donated kidneys altruistically.

Polly Woodhams

Polly is a retired nurse who worked on a kidney unit.

Luc Delauzun – Extreme sportsman

"Six months after I donated I was in the best shape of my life. People don't realise how little difference it makes to have one kidney." Luc Delauzun donated a kidney in the summer of 2011, when he was 25. Here is the speech Luc gave 3 months later. 'My name is Luc Delauzun and I’m ...

Nicholas Crace, former charity director, aged 83

“It was an easy decision for me to make.” Nicholas Crace, aged 83, a former charity director from Hampshire, gave a kidney to a stranger in spring, 2012. He was the oldest person in the UK to have done so. Nicholas Crace had good health and no dependents when his wife, Brigid, died in the ...

Paul Hinkins received a kidney in 2009

Paul Hinkins received a kidney in 2009, through the paired/pooled kidney transplant scheme, which was made possible when the law changed under the Human Tissue Act in 2006. Sometimes someone waiting for a kidney will know someone who is willing to donate one, but incompatibility in blood group or tissue type will mean that ...

Keith Parsons received a kidney in 2009

Keith Parsons, 52, from Plymouth received a kidney from an altruistic kidney donor in  2009. Here he describes what a difference it made to his life. “I’ll never forget the first time I ate  liver and onions after my transplant. Nothing has ever tasted as good.” It was  one of Keith’s favourite meals and ...