Get involved in our 500th donation campaign


On 21 September, in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, we’ll be officially announcing the 500th non-directed living kidney donation in the UK. We’d love you to get involved in helping us to tell the world!

This document outlines the ways in which you can support the celebrations:
1) Adding an email footer to your emails
2) Taking part in our media/social media campaign
3) Sharing the news through your social media networks

Please show your support for non-directed living kidney donation by downloading and using these assets which will be made available to download at the correct size from 20 September as downloads ONLY FOR USE ON OR AFTER 21 SEPTEMBER. Please do not use any of these before that date. To download, please click on the image and then ‘right click’ and select ‘save as’. You can then save the images to your computer to select from when posting. If you have any problems, just email saying which you require and she will send them to you.

If you can, please link to our website using this link (this allows us to measure hits  directly from the campaign):

Alternatively please use

Email signature

Show your support for living donation every time you press send on or after 21 September by adding our jpeg to your email signature. (If you wish to link the image to our website please use

500Email footer


Your Photos

Some donors have already had their photo taken with our 500th poster for inclusion in our media/social media campaigns.

Shareyourspare (Jun2016) 500 people (5)_edited

If you have not yet done so and wish to be included please email with your photo (ideally in a job or hobby setting and showing you fit and well) no later than the end of 14 September. Please include your name, age, town and complete this sentence ‘Donating a kidney was…” By sending your photo in you agree to be included in the campaign and in Give a Kidney’s marketing channels.

If you had your photo taken in York and have not already given permission for us to use it or sent in your details (as above) please do so asap if you would like to be involved. Please also let Jan know if you would like a copy of the photo we took of you.

Please post these photos on any of your social media accounts from 21 September onwards and we will also be using a selection of them through Give a Kidney’s social media and on our website. We will use as many as possible but may not be able to use every one.

We will also use some of them to accompany a selection of press releases (see below).

Give a Kidney’s Press/Social Media campaign

During the w/c 12 September we will be contacting those of you who have sent photos in to discuss your press release. For a number of reasons we will now be drafting and issuing press releases on behalf. Please do get back to us as soon as possible once you receive an email from Jan. In some areas there are a number of donors who would all be covered by the same press, so it is better for this to be coordinated centrally. It may be that you are included in a release with a number of other people. Unfortunately we may not be able to include everyone in the press campaign but we’ll do our best to include everyone who wishes to participate in our social media campaign.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their photo and information. The response has been fantastic. Approved releases will send out by Give a Kidney on 21 SEPTEMBER which is when the national release will be issued. Please do not issue your own releases without first discussing with Jan (or Dorothy Fenwick if you are based in Scotland) – contact details will be provided in your email. You are welcome to follow up with your local press from 22 September if you wish to. If you submitted a photo and have not heard from Jan by the end of Friday 16 September, please contact her on

Your own social media

Social media is one of the best ways to spread the word about the campaign. The more people sharing, the bigger the impact. If you use social media then please post the images below on your accounts from 21 September.


Change your Facebook header image on 21 September to show your support for this milestone to all your friends and people who follow your page (1st image is for use by non-directed donors, 2nd image for other supporters).

500Facebook header - donor

500Facebook header - non donor



Want to post on your wall, or your friend’s wall to support our campaign? Download our Facebook-friendly images below to share.

 500Facebook post - donor

500Facebook post - non donor


Change your Twitter header image on 21 September so all your followers know you support living donation (1st image for use by non-directed donors, 2nd image for other supporters)

500Twitter header - donor

500Twitter header - non donor



Download and tweet the images below (1st image is for use by non-directed donors, 2nd image for other supporters).

500Twitter post - donor

500Twitter post - non donor



Post one of our images to your Instagram feed on 21 September.
Download the pictures below to post in your feed (1st image is for use by non-directed donors, 2nd image for other supporters).


500Facebook post - donor

500Facebook post - non donor

Social posts

  • You can use one of our posts below to accompany a downloaded image.
    500 non-directed donors, but more than 5000 people still in need of a kidney. Could you #ShareYourSpare ?
  • 300 people die each year in need of a kidney. You probably have two healthy ones. Could you #ShareYourSpare ?
  • Donate blood? Stem Cells? On the donor register? With 5000 people in need of a kidney, could you #ShareYourSpare ?
  • On the organ donor register? Have you considered #livingdonation ? With 5000 people waiting for a kidney could you #ShareYourSpare ?
  • Thanks to 500 non-directed donors, 100s of lives have been saved or improved. Could you #ShareYourSpare ?

Many thanks for any support you can give.