New event: Non-directed Living Kidney Donation – what the research tells us

Saturday 28 November, 10am – 11am

Online via Zoom. Register here.

This event will report on two recent studies into non-directed living kidney donation.

An Update on BOUnD – what we know to date about the Barriers and Outcomes of Unspecified (non-directed, altruistic) kidney donation

Presented by Hannah Maple
This talk will provide an overview of the BOUnD study – a national multicentre study being run from Guy’s Hospital in London, which aims to investigate the barriers and outcomes of altruistic kidney donation. The study format and results to date will be outlined and discussed.

Hannah is a transplant and general surgeon in the final year of her training at Guy’s Hospital, London. She is also a clinical lecturer with research interests in health psychology as applied to healthcare and transplantation. Along with Professor Nizam Mamode she is one of the main investigators working on the BOUnD study – a study which looks to understand the barriers and outcomes following unspecified (non-directed, altruistic) kidney donation. She is vice-chair and chair elect of ELPAT – the section of ESOT (European Society of Organ Transplantation) dedicated to the ethics, legal and psychological aspects of Transplantation.

Research Update: Mental Health of Unspecified Anonymous (non-directed) Living Kidney Donors after Donation
Presented by Emma Massey

Emma is a health psychologist working as Associate Professor at the department of Internal Medicine, section Nephrology & Transplantation at the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She is involved in research, care and education. Her research interests include self-management and medication adherence, health literacy, mental health of patients and donors, and tailored education on treatment options. Specific groups of interest include adolescents, young adults and unspecified (anonymous) living donors. In this presentation she will talk about the results of a Dutch study to assess the mental health of anonymous (non-directed) living kidney donors after donation.

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