New webinar: Living donation – back to basics

In this webinar we will be going right back to the basics of living kidney donation. Our panel, made up of Give a Kidney Trustees, will be answering all those questions you wanted to ask but were afraid to! This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone with any interest in living kidney donation – whether you are just thinking about whether to donate or maybe you might need a transplant in the future and are considering living donation.

Our wonderful team of experts will start off by asking and answering a series of pre-arranged questions aimed at those with little to no knowledge of living kidney donation. The panel will then be able to answer any questions you may have (although, for obvious reasons will not be able to give specific clinical advice for individual cases).

We know that the process of thinking about donation can be very daunting, and many people have lots of questions and concerns before, during and even after the process. We hope this event will be an opportunity to ask them in an informal and friendly setting. You can choose to remain anonymous should you wish to, and there’s no pressure to ask, if you just want to come along to hear the answers to other people’s questions. The session will be recorded as it will be used as an educational resource in future.

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