Donors on video

Rich Armitage

Rich, a GP living in Nottingham, donated his kidney as part of a chain, meaning three people no longer require dialysis.

Tony Burgess

Tony Burgess talks about his decision to donate a kidney to a stranger as a Christmas gift 2012.

Helen Marston

Helen’s husband was initially horrified when he heard about her plans to donate a kidney.

Di Franks

After donating a kidney, Di set up a website:

John Fletcher

“The whole thing has been life-enriching beyond anything that I could ever describe. Of all the things I have done in my life, donating a kidney to a stranger has been the happiest. I cannot recommend it strongly enough.”

Sanjiv Gohil

Sanjiv donated a kidney at the Royal Free Hospital in London and says once the idea entered his head, he was always going to do it!

Viv Calderbank

Viv is a graphic designer who lives in Cornwall. She donated a kidney in 2011.

Simon Swailes

Simon, who is a minister of a church, says donating a kidney to a stranger is something that anyone of faith or no faith should consider doing.  

Liza Schuster

Liza says donating a kidney didn’t necessarily make a difference to her life but it has made a huge difference to somebody else.

Clare Bolitho

Clare donated her kidney to a stranger with the main aim being to help them recipient to “restart” their life.

Matilda Hall

When self-proclaimed ‘do-er’ Matilda heard a radio item about living kidney donation she said, “that’s something I can do” and a little time after she had given one of her kidneys to a stranger! Matilda sums up her experience by saying “it was enormous fun.”

Barbara Ryder

Barbara Ryder donated a kidney in 2007. She was the second person to donate anonymously to a stranger on the transplant waiting list since the law was changed to allow this in 2006.  

Nicholas Crace

Nicholas, who is 83, donated a kidney in 2012. He is the UK’s oldest altruistic donor.

David Hemmings

David is a retired civil servant and magistrate who lives in Devon. He says donating a kidney to a stranger was as much of a reward to him than it was for the recipient.

Kay Mason

Until 2006, all living kidney donors were either relatives or friends of people who received a kidney transplant. In 2006, guidance under the new Human Tissue Act stated that altruistic kidney donation was permitted. Non-directed donation, sometimes also known as altruistic donation, is the term that describes a donation that is given without knowledge of […]

Philippa James

Philippa and her daughter have both donated kidneys altruistically.