Receiving a Kidney

Paul Hinkins received a kidney in 2009

Paul Hinkins received a kidney in 2009 through the paired/pooled kidney transplant scheme, which was made possible when the law changed under the Human Tissue Act in 2006. Sometimes someone waiting for a kidney will know someone who is willing to donate one, but incompatibility in blood group or tissue type will mean that the […]

keith parsons photo
Keith Parsons received a kidney in 2009

Keith Parsons, 52, from Plymouth received a kidney from an altruistic kidney donor in  2009. Here he describes what a difference it made to his life. “I’ll never forget the first time I ate liver and onions after my transplant. Nothing has ever tasted as good.” It was one of Keith’s favourite meals and one that […]

Chris Boustead Photo
Chris Boustead received a kidney in 2011

Chris  Boustead, aged 41 from Sussex, received a kidney from an altruistic donor in  2011, after waiting more than three years. “My transplant operation gave me back the  joy of life. I had got used to life on dialysis and thought I was getting on all right. I was surrounded by people in the same […]

Jim Fatah has had two kidney transplants

I’d much rather have my transplant and feel healthy and well again than win the lottery. JIM’S STORY Jim Fatah, aged 60 from Surrey, has had two transplants because of Henoch-Schönlein Purpura (HSP), an inflammation of the blood vessels which damages the kidneys. His first lasted just under a year, but the second one has […]

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