Give a Kidney
is a charity that aims to raise awareness of altruistic living kidney donation.
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Latest statistics from NHSBT – 10 more altruistic kidney donations during June. The total so far to end June 2014 is 316! Click on the graph to see a larger version.
donations chart at end Jun
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Altruistic donation is the giving of a kidney, from a living person, to a stranger who has kidney failure.

We aim to publicise why more living kidney donors are needed and to support people who are considering this type of donation.

Patients with kidney failure have the option of dialysis or transplantation when both their kidneys fail. A kidney transplant can provide patients with freedom from regular dialysis, a better quality of life and longer life expectancy. Unfortunately, very few patients have someone who can give them a kidney, and on average most patients have to wait on dialysis for two to three years before a kidney becomes available on the national deceased donor transplant waiting list.

Although the UK performs more than 2500 kidney transplantations a year, there are over 7000 people waiting for a kidney transplant, of whom 300 die each year.

Despite the shortage of donors, we know that many people would be willing to donate a kidney if they knew how to do so.

Our aim is to raise awareness of kidney donation and support people through the giving process.

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