Headshot of Emma
Emma: I’d do it again if I could

Emma donated her kidney to a stranger eight years ago after first seeing a story about non-directed donation on TV four years previously.

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We would be very grateful if you would consider donating just a small amount perhaps: the cost of a drink you might have bought if this had been a face-to-face event OR the cost of your petrol, bus, or train ticket to get to a face-to-face event You can donate here https://bit.ly/JGOneOff Even a small […]

Get involved in our 500th donation campaign

IMPORTANT – NO ACTION TO BE TAKEN BEFORE 21 SEPTEMBER On 21 September, in partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant, we’ll be officially announcing the 500th non-directed living kidney donation in the UK. We’d love you to get involved in helping us to tell the world! This document outlines the ways in which you can […]


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Claire: I cannot save the world but donating a kidney can make a big difference

Claire Ramsden from Kirkham, Lancashire gifted one of her healthy kidneys to a stranger in 2013. “As a Platelet Donor, and previous to that a Blood Donor, the idea of donating was not unusual for me, however it was fairly recently that I found out about living kidney donation through the media. Until then I […]

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We are a small charity, trying to make a big difference to the lives of those living with kidney disease in need of a transplant. The charity is run by volunteers, with just two part-time staff.  We don’t have expensive offices or lots of equipment, so the money we raise goes directly to help raise awareness […]

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There are many ways that you can get involved with or show support to Give a Kidney. Share your story If you are a non-directed donor in the UK, or have received a kidney, would you be willing to share your story through the media, our and our partners’ websites and through social media? Stories […]

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Latest Newsletter Out Now Our Autumn/Winter Newsletter is out now. Click here to read it AGM and Conference – 17 January, London Give a Kidney’s AGM & Conference will take place on Saturday 17 January, 2015 at the DoubleTree by Hilton, West End, London. As well as reviewing the last year, we’ll be discussing plans […]

How to Give a Kidney

How do I go about donating a kidney? If you are considering donating a kidney to someone you don’t know, thank you – you may be giving someone the greatest gift they could wish for. However, it’s a big decision and you need to be fully informed about the procedure and the risks of donating […]

James: the paired donation scheme is so important

James Holdstock donated a kidney early in 2013 as part of a Paired Donation Scheme. Here is his story: Schmauzer and I were introduced in March – I was in Guy’s Hospital, having just donated my left kidney and Schmauzer was a gift from my wife and mother-in-law. I am part of a ‘Paired Donation […]

Richard Pitman

Professional jockey, racing commentator and altruistic kidney donor.

Joanna Kozubska

Joanna donated a kidney in 2012. “If I had three kidneys, I’d do it again,” she says.

Mary Dixon

Mary Dixon first started thinking about donating a kidney 21 years ago, when she was training to be a nurse.

Julie Saunders

Julie received a card from her recipient, which she looks at nearly every day.

Penny Cox

Penny initially thought about donating eggs, but eventually decided to donate a kidney.

Natalia Aggiano

Natalia carries a picture of the kidney that she donated on her phone, and it’s also on her Facebook page.

Polly Woodhams

Polly is a retired nurse who worked on a kidney unit.

Luc running
Luc: six months after donating, I was in the best shape of my life

  Luc donated a kidney in the summer of 2011, when he was 25. I’m what is known as an altruistic kidney donor – that’s someone who donates a kidney to save or prolong a stranger’s life. I’ve been asked to say a few words about my experience. Before I get into the joys of […]

Paul: I now enjoy a full and active life

Paul Hinkins received a kidney through the paired/pooled kidney transplant scheme, which was made possible when the law changed under the Human Tissue Act in 2006. Sometimes someone waiting for a kidney will know someone who is willing to donate one, but incompatibility in blood group or tissue type will mean that the donor’s kidney […]

keith parsons photo
Keith: the transplant turned life around for my whole family

Keith, from Plymouth received a kidney from an altruistic kidney donor and describes what a difference it made to his life. “I’ll never forget the first time I ate liver and onions after my transplant. Nothing has ever tasted as good.” It was one of Keith’s favourite meals and one that he had not been allowed […]

Jenny Dale Photo
Jenny: The experience has changed my outlook on life

Jenny, a crime scene investigator from Dorset, gave a kidney to a stranger in 2011. I had never had any connection with anyone with  kidney failure or anything to do with organ transplants. I happened to see a  news article about a three-way paired kidney donation, and the article  mentioned altruistic kidney donation. At this […]

Chris Burns Cox photo
Chris: pity I can’t do it again!

Dr Chris Burns-Cox, a consultant physician from Gloucestershire, donated a kidney in 2010 at the age of 72. I had been a doctor for 50 years and still felt a pity for the suffering of mankind – but also was aware how enormously fortunate I had been in my own good health. These were  good […]